Why Travel With NAP?

We bring you the best of deals and offers available in the industry to make your travel more value for money
• Excellent support from experienced travel professionals to address your travel requirements
• Customized tour packages to make your travel easy
• Responsible travel is at the core of what Nepal Adventure Point does. By employing local leaders, staying in local accommodation and eating at local establishments, they make sure to support the communities they visit. Nepal Adventure Point understands that in order for destinations to keep being beautiful, they need to remain intact - all it takes is a little bit of self-awareness and care.

• Our tour guides who are fully conversant in major international languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. This helps provide personalized service to meet the needs of a wide cross section of clients from around the world. Our staffs are experienced, trained and prepared to coordinate as well as provide complex emergency assistance and evacuations.

• Our trips have a nice balance between group activities, and time to just soak up what is happening around you. There’s a good mix of time spent with your small group, as well as seeing and experiencing the places you travel to.

• We understand that to truly understand the place you are visiting, you need to be shown around by the people who live there. 100% of their leaders are locals and travel experts who know the destination inside and out.

2022 has arrived and we are looking forward to making great Trip memories when it's safe to travel! Check out some of the awesome places on our 2022 schedule and let us help you plan the perfect vacation at the perfect price!

Nepal Adventure Point heartily welcome to any travel agency, tour agencies, adventure operator and travel related persons to work jointly in this field.