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Bhutan is land locked Himalayan Kingdom is bordered by Tibet, China, India, near Nepal and Bangladesh with limited access points. It’s known as the Land of Thunder Dragon, which is covers about 47000 sq. kilometers. The unique and exotic country has a gigantic staircase from a narrow strip of land in the south, while the northern belt is stretched between elevations of 300m to more than 7000m in the Himalayas.

There are 3 distinct regions from west to east to consider in planning your trip. Each offers its own special treats. The west is famous for its beautiful mountains and fertile valleys, colourful houses, historic sites and museums at the towns of Thimphu, Paro and Punakha. A number of day hikes are possible in this area as well as a number of treks of varying lengths. Central Bhutan offers walking opportunities in the stunning Bumthang valleys and the chance to visit many important religious sites including the important historic town of Trongsa, ancestral seat of Bhutan's ruling dynasty.

Although it is the most densely populated area of Bhutan, the eastern region is also the least visited by foreigners. Tourist facilities are far more primitive than in western and central Bhutan and you need to be prepared for a lack of hot water and western toilets. However if you have the time to travel east it is well worth the effort, with its remote valleys, temperate climate, monasteries and tradition of stunning craftsmanship in woodwork and exquisite hand-woven textiles. 

Whether you come to Bhutan for the culture, trekking and mountaineering, arts and architecture, festivals, dance and music, landscapes, spirituality, Buddhism, flora and fauna, people, history or just to get away from the rest of world… we would like to make your visit the trip of a lifetime! Do not miss this once-in-a-life time journey to this mystical Himalayan kingdom, internationally branded as the Last Shangri-La and the land of happiness. Embracing the popular adage that seeing and believing, please come visit us and see things with your own eyes. 

Why everyone wants to visit Bhutan?
With the initiation of development plan from 1960’s by the Royal Government, the self imposed isolation policy was revoked by blending the process of modernization with centuries old ways of life, culture and tradition. Decades of development have propelled Bhutan from the medieval age into the 21st century’s modern nation like no other. Bhutan is ranked among the top 10 countries with the highest flora and fauna density and has been declared a global hot spot for environment conservation. Today, Bhutan is a most sought destination, the every reason for it to be so are: - the last Mahayana kingdom - an unrivalled culture, tradition and art - the beauty of the pastoral landscape and the best that nature offers - a smiling and friendly people, - its unique philosophy of development “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product. - Modernizing the Bhutanese lives the Bhutanese way - the unique culture, and the untouched nature of the country and its people, gives Bhutan its unique appeal. All of these makes Bhutan an exotic travel destination and definitely deserves a visit.